M&W Assign Bundles from Assignables

A bundle is a group of activities that can be assigned to students as a single item, with one overall score. You can include eBook activities, eReaders, Performance activities, and your own Custom activities. You choose the activities, order of activities, total point value and due date.You have the option to require students to complete activities in the bundle in the order you have determined.

To assign activities in Passport, you must first have a class created. 


1. You can access your Content Library for your program(s) at any time. This is the hub for browsing, creating, managing or assigning activities of all types, as well as Bundles. See related articles below for information about creating and managing bundles.

2. Open the Content Library, and by default, you will be taken to the Assignables tab.

3. To browse existing Bundles to assign to your classes, select Bundles from the drop-down filter.

4. Use the filters to narrow your search parameters:

5. Other things to consider:

6. To preview a Bundle, click the title of the bundle.  You will see the bundle description.  Scroll down to see the activities that are bundled together.

7.  Click on any of the included activities to Preview Activity

8. Click in the upper left corner to return to the bundle list.

9. Click in the upper right corner to add the bundle to your Assign Cart.

10. The plus sign will change to a  minus sign showing the bundle is in the cart. You can slide the Assign Cart up or down if it is in your way.

11. Click Back to Content Library if you want to add more items to your cart.

12. You can select different filters to choose activities from more than one resource to put into your cart. Continue doing so until you have all of the activities you want to assign in the cart.

13. As long as you do not refresh your screen, use your back arrow, or leave Passport, the activities you select will stay in your cart anchored to the right of your screen. 

14. When you are ready to assign the items from your cart, click on the Assign Cart to open it. 

15.  Click Assign. Toggle Auto-Progress on if you want your students to complete the activities in the bundle in order. Click Next.


16. You set the Start Date & Time, Due Date & Time and Max Attempts for all classes. Note - Max attempts only applies to eBook activities.  Select one or more classes to assign the bundle to. You can change the start and due dates for individual classes.  To personalize the assignment settings, click the arrow on the far right of the class line.  You can deselect individual students to exclude them from the assignment and  change the start date and due date.

 17. Click Assign, and you will receive an alert that the bundle has been assigned to your students.