M&W Complete a Bundle

Bundles are a group of different activities and resources assigned as a single assignment with a single grade and due date. Bundles can include eBook activities, eReaders, Performance activities, and Custom activities. All Bundles are teacher-graded. 



  1. Log in to Passport and locate the assignment you wish to complete.

  2. Hover over the assignment tile to see assignment details. Click the tile to open.

  1. The Bundle assignment will open up on your screen. Be sure to click the small arrow at the bottom left of the screen to open the activity pane. Click each activity to view instructions and complete it. See Related Articles below for how to complete each type of activity.


  1. As you complete activities, the star icon will fill in. It will just be an outline if you have not visited the activity, half filled if you have clicked on it but not completed it, and filled in if you have completed the activity.

  2. Your teacher may require you to complete the activities in the order they appear.

  3. The Bundle will not submit to the teacher until all activities have been completed.

  4. To view completed assignments, check the Submitted tab for items that are waiting for your teacher to score them, and Evaluated for items that have a score and feedback if entered.