M&W Edulastic: Getting Started

Edulastic is a technology-enhanced assessment solution for teachers and school/district administrators. Edulastic empowers teachers with instant classroom data that shows who’s on track and who needs help so that they can take action and see growth.

Mirrors & Windows Unit Tests, Lesson Tests, and Formative Surveys are available to edit and administer online through Edulastic.

For tutorials and more information, please visit Edulastic Resources.


  1. Choose Edulastic in your Resource filter, or scroll to the pinned Edulastic tile.


  2. The first time you access Edulastic you should see a screen telling you that you have access to the Carnegie Learning assessment bank.

  3. Click Continue. Next you will need to choose your school. Search for your school and select it. 


  1. Select the applicable grades and Choose English Language Arts as the program. Select your Standards sets, and click Get Started.

  2. You will need to create a class for each of your Online Learning Environment courses. If you use Google Classroom and have classes set up, you can Sync to Google Classroom. Otherwise, click on Create New Class.


  3. You will enter Class Name, select Grade(s), choose the Subject and Standards set shown below. Class Close Date and Course automatically populate. Click Assign.

  4. Once more, click "Assign."