M&W Get to Know Your ELA Resources

On the Resources page in the Online Learning Environment, you will see a number of tiles with resources specific to your grade and program. Students have a similar Resources page. You and your students can use these resources to engage with Mirrors & Windows content remotely.



  1. To access your online resources, log in, select one of your classes, click on the Content Library, and click on the Resources tab:




  1. Your Student Edition and Teacher Edition will appear next to each other below the pinned resources:

3. For Mirrors and Windows 2020/2021, your resources will include:

Interactive eBooks with assignable activities:  
                    Student Edition*                     Teacher Edition*
                    eSelections                     eSlections TE
                    Close Reading*                     Close Reading TE
                    Writing & Grammar*                     Writing & Grammar TE
                    Differentiated Instruction: ELL Support*                     Differentiated Instruction: ELL Support TE
                    Differentiated Instruction: Reading Strategies & Skills                     Differentiated Instruction: Reading Strategies & Skills TE
                    Differentiated Instruction: Enrichment Projects & Activities                     Differentiated Instruction: Enrichment Projects & Activites TE
                    Extension Activities                     Extension Activities TE
                    Speaking & Listening                     Speaking & Listening TE
                    Vocabulary and Spelling                     Vocabulary & Spelling TE
                    College & Career Readiness                     College & Career Readiness TE
                    Unit & Selection Resources                     Unit & Selection Resources TE
                    Assessment Guide                     Assessment Guide - TE
                    Test Practice (ACT/SAT)                     Test Practice (ACT/SAT) - TE
Reading Selections:  
                    Assigned eReader Selections                     Assignable eReader Selections
                    Access Edition Novels                     Access Edition Novels - Assessment Manuals
                    eLibrary for Independent Reading
Additional Teacher tools:   
                   Program Planning Guide
                   Program Planning Guide (Editable)
                   Writing Rubrics
                   Teaching the Common Core
                   Plagiarism Checker
                   Novel Study Library

*Digital eBook version of a print book