M&W Score Bundles

M&W Score Bundles

Bundles are multiple activities assigned to students as a single group with a single score for the entire Bundle. You can assign one or more types of activities to students in a Bundle. Each activity is submitted and viewed within the bundle. All Bundles are teacher-graded. Those assignments will show in Submitted status on your Class Dashboard, Assignments tab. From the Assignments tab, you can view an assignment, enter scores and feedback for submitted work, and edit or delete assignments. 



1.  The Assignments tab of your Class Dashboard provides an overview of all assignments for the class.

2.  Use the filters to view a specific Status or a specific Type of activity.



1.  Click on the assignment you wish to score from your Class Dashboard, and click on the name of the first student you want to score.


2.  You will see the assignment details along the top, including: Activity Type and Title, Student (click the dropdown or arrows to move to another student), Due Date/Time, and Submitted Date/Time.

3.  Below is the Attempts information, Score box, Feedback box and activities in the bundle. 

Note: Number of Attempts information is irrelevant for bundles, except for eBook activities. Students can update their Custom activities submissions at any time before the activity is scored.


4.  View the student’s submissions by clicking open the activity line.

5.  The activity submission information varies depending on the type of activity. See related articles for more detailed information.

6.  Scroll back to top to enter score and/or feedback. 

7.  Enter the Score for the activity and click Submit. Note: You will be submitting one score for all of the activities in the bundle.  You can use the Feedback box to differentiate the scores for each activity.

8.  Enter Feedback for the student if desired. Feedback is optional so be sure to click the Submit button below the feedback box. 

9.  You will see a confirmation that the assignment was updated.

10.  Continue scoring the rest of the students. You can select a student from the dropdown list or scroll from student to student using the arrows to the right and left of the student’s name.